What To Wear To Keep Warm This Winter

Autumn has hit the UK with a bang this week, after what seemed to be the longest summer in many years. In the aftermath of Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh, we might have clear blue skies, but the temperatures have certainly plummeted, causing a dilemma for those who don’t know what they should wear during the cold season.

Of course, you can slip on your favourite skate wear hoodie, but with winter on its way, it is a good idea to invest in some reliable outerwear so you can continue your favourite hobby whatever the weather.


- Strong waterproofs

If you got caught in any of last week’s downpours you will probably want to avoid that again by getting your hands on a waterproof jacket that can shield you from heavy rain.

There are plenty of options available for those who want to remain fashionable as well as dry, and lots of puffa and quilted jackets have a waterproof layer that keeps the rain out.

Don’t forget to choose one with a hood, so you can pull this up over your head, covering up while on your board. You can also keep your snapback cap on underneath the hood, keeping it as dry as possible in the autumn drizzle.


- Gloves

Even if you are always riding and keeping warm by constantly moving, your hands are the area of your body that is hardest to keep from the cold. That’s why it’s wise to buy yourself a pair of gloves, so you can stay outside for as long as you want without your fingers seizing up.

Discreet black gloves are a good choice, as they will go with everything, but particularly with black hoodies and jackets.

It might not seem like simple gloves will make much difference, but it’ll help you keep your digits warm enough so you can balance on your board better and still press the buttons on your phone to call your mum or dad for a lift home afterwards!