Top Skateboard Looks For The Summer

After what felt like the longest winter ever, the summer has finally arrived, and the UK has experienced more than a week of actual sunny weather.

Without jinxing it, we hope the warm temperatures and bright sunshine are here to stay, but if they are it means we have to swap our jeans and hoodies for something a little cooler.

If you’re stuck on ideas of what to wear this summer, here are our tips:


- Bright colours

So, you’re probably not going to turn up to your favourite skate park dressed up like Fruit Pastilles, but there are definitely ways you can add pops of brightness to your outfit.

Team black T-shirts with a bright green rope bracelet or pop on a baseball cap with a funky colourful peak.

Don’t forget to think about your rucksack too. You can accessorise with a bright red or yellow backpack, which are perfect for keeping everything in when you’re out at the park on those long hot summer days.


- Pineapples

Whether you wear them on your T-shirt, your caps, your bags or your jewellery, make sure you wear a pineapple somewhere on your outfit.

This tropical fruit is all the rage at the moment, and everyone is loving the new trend. 

If you really want to embrace the exotic fashion, check out our pineapple blend deck with bright stripes all over.

Here are some other ways you can add pineapple to your wardrobe this summer!


- Caps

If you do love spending all your summer days outside with your mates, make sure you keep cool with a hat. You can find really cool styles of cap at the moment, so you can still look the part while keeping your mother off your back for staying shaded.

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