New Skate Game Revealed At E3

Where did your first inspiration come from that's taken you from your first skating steps all the way to choosing your next custom skate deck? You might have been introduced to skating by friends or family at an early age, maybe you were inspired by the internet, or even possibly from playing a video game. We're not sure any skate or game fan would disagree that there was definitely a golden age of skating games, thanks to the Tony Hawks pro-skater games,  but the latest E3 world gaming conference has promised a return to it by revealing new skate game 'Session'. 

According to Red Bull, while the new game can't promise the skating stardom of the Tony Hawk's franchise, it does allow you to take to your board in faithful recreations of some of the world's best skating spots. It's about honouring skating culture, and bringing the idea of a lot of hard work being involved in mastering tricks and skills.

Session creators creā-ture Studios are keen to point out that this isn't your typical arcade style skate game, and to be able to master and land tricks, players will have to master a tone joystick control, which will correlate each to one foot of your skater.

So that you can showcase your tricks when you do land them, the game also has a camera system called Filmer mode, which is influenced in style by early 90s skate films, which is a nice

Of course, it's no match for the real thing, but if you're struggling to get out and about skating, it promises to be a nice little fix to see you through.