How Women Are Shaping Skating

Skating is changing, and it’s for the better. Traditionally it’s been a very male-dominated sport - certainly the skate videos you’d see are predominantly of men and it’s male skaters who’ve received the sponsorship and platforms to share their talent with the world.

But there are a growing number of female skater collectives that are bringing about a seachange in the sport.

The Independent recently highlighted a new film, Skate Kitchen, which is about one such collective based in New York.

Crystal Moselle has produced a semi-fictionalised film about the Skate Kitchen collective, who are a strong group of female skateboarders. According to the news provider, a greater focus on women in the sport is helping to make it more inclusive

Social media in particular has been a driving force behind helping more women get into the sport, and progress within it. Nina Moran, one of the women who’s part of Skate Kitchen, revealed in an interview that she took to YouTube to find other female skaters in New York after receiving a cold reception from the boys at her local skate park.

But that’s not all. Social media has also helped female skaters showcase their skills and gain attention from brands as well as fans.

The newspaper stated: “Not only have women become more visible, they’ve helped to shape what it represents in the future: a world more expansive, more creative, and more welcoming than ever.”

In 2020, both male and female skaters will have the chance to compete on a world stage, with skateboarding set to be included in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

There will be two categories - street and park. The former will see contestants compete on a street-inspired course with the likes of rails, stairs, walls, slopes and benches to help them perform incredible tricks. The park course will be a series of curves and ramps to allow skaters to perform a range of different moves.

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