Skateboard Hero Given Posthumous Bravery Award By The Queen

The skateboarder who tried to help those in the London Bridge terror attack has been given a posthumous award by the Queen for his bravery. 

Ignacio Echeverria will always be remembered for helping a woman being attacked on June 3rd 2017 by fighting off terrorists with his skateboard.

The 39-year-old was killed for his courage, along with seven others who were murdered as three men mowed civilians down in a car and went on a stabbing spree.

Although Mr Echeverria could not receive the award himself, his father Joaquin Echeverria Alonso was given the George Medal for bravery on his behalf. 

The Spaniard, who had flown from Madrid to receive the award from the Queen, was reported by the Telegraph as saying: “To recognise the courage of my son, he will be remembered. He was a generous man and he helped when it was necessary.”

Mr Echeverria encountered the incident after returning from skateboarding practice last summer. He courageously went to the aid of a woman who was being stabbed by a man at Borough Market, instead of fleeing the scene for his own safety. The lady went on to survive thanks to Ignacio’s actions.

As he attempted to fight off the attackers, he ended up with fatal stab wounds to the back himself. 

Since his death, he has become known as the ‘Skateboard hero’ for his bravery at trying to protect others, regardless of his own wellbeing.

Skateboarders around the globe – particularly in Spain where he was from – have been blown away by these events, strengthening the boarding community the world over.

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