Californian Teen Could Be A Skateboarding Sensation At Tokyo Olympics

The very best skateboarders across the world will be vying for a place at the next Olympics, and someone who could blow them all away is a Californian teenager. 

Brighton Zeuner is just 14 years old, but she is one of the favourites to win at the 2020 Tokyo Games where she is expected to make her debut, the Daily Star reported.

Zeuner, who learned how to skate by watching her older brother show her tricks at the local skate park, has some huge fans by her side as well.

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has even given his support to the teen, saying: “Her consistency is pretty rare in terms of her making hard tricks over and over. That’s going to help her in competition.”

He added that the young skateboarder is always challenging herself, which “is exactly what it takes at her age to keep progressing and stay relevant in competition”.

Zeuner – who is ranked tenth in the world – has been picking up awards for a while. Not only did she receive the top gong at the skateboarding vert competition at the Summer X Games during the summer, but she also walked away with the title at the Vans Park Series final in China recently. 

When she heads to Tokyo for the Olympics, she will have just turned 16, giving her nearly two more years to hone her skills and improve her chances against stiff competition. 

The teen is as much known for her difficult tricks as she is for her fashion sense, with the 14-year-old regularly sporting vintage T-shirts with 90s music legends printed on them.

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